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Looking for a new phone system?

It’s cheaper than you think,

We offer an alternative way to make phone calls and conduct business. With the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), we are able to merge your internet and telephone services, saving you money.

How It Works

VoIP is a new technology slowly replacing traditional telephone systems. It takes analog signals, similar to what you would hear over the phone, and translates the message digitally. Advantages to this system are many. For instance, through a VoIP system, you are able to translate messages into text, allowing voice notes to be received as e-mails, as one of the features. There are many other benefits to this system, and Digital Scope is able to help you navigate them and choose the best system for your needs, from set-up to support. 

Proven Technology

Our proven VoIP solutions come with all the professional features to service your office reliably.

Cloud-hosted PBX

Let us help you grow your business by modernizing your company’s phone system and making it easy to use, manage, and track directly from the cloud.

Our cloud business phone system adapts to your economic challenges and brings flexibility and adaptability to your business communications while reducing costs compared to traditional phone systems.  Utilizing Voice Over Internet (VoIP) we can provide all the essentials in communication while adding cutting-edge technology.

Save Money

Savings can be as much as 80% on monthly costs. Long-distance calls are reduced to a fraction of traditional line costs. The fixed and operating costs of your business communications are substantially reduced, and we take care of installing, configuring, and managing your phone system.

Work From Home

Our work from home solutions gives you the features and freedom you need to work anywhere and keep your business running smoothly. Free mobile and desktop apps, call forwarding, and unlimited video conferencing make it easy to stay connected when your home becomes your office.

Whether you’re looking for small business VoIP services or a multi-location solution to match your medium- to large-sized business, Digital Scope can meet your VoIP needs and budget. No commitment. No hidden fees.

Features include:

– Caller ID                                     – Call Waiting

– Follow Me                                   – Conference

– Time Conditions                         – Auto Attendants

– Voicemail (Voicemail to Email)   – Music On Hold

– Call Detail Records                    – Operator Panel

– Paging                                        – Fax to Email

– Call Parking                               – Video Conference (1)

– 24/7 Support                              – Number Portability (keep your existing number)​

If you are not pleased with your current VoIP provider, Digital Scope can remedy and improve your current standing. Our technicians are always available for support.

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